Being a human ,it’s difficult

against all odds and even

with all the legacies of past

Tumbling in the dark woods

Creating new destination and

Unveiling the destinies.


Yes I’m  an actor in vein,

With infinite faces inside

Wanting to free and fly

to the horizon of peace
I cut down the hearts

That blossoms with hope

and bury it deep

Leaving no trace of life
I cry down nights 

as clouds weep in pain

and search for peace in dark

Where I found only emptiness
This is the life that thrived

For a countless phase of beat

Upholding the true candy of truth

Still buried deep inside


​I wish I were the pain,

that would cut deep inside

and enjoy the warmth

Of fresh blood that blisters

I wish I were the sadness,

Which swim’s in emotions

and lick every bit of heart

with the splint of tongue

I wish I were the envy,

with a knife in  hands

rip the throat apart

and relish with the heart

I wish I were the anger

as of a volcano, that

Burns with thoughts and

Slit apart the baby heart
But the taste of bitter 

Always swings in my tongue

         MY SHADOW

Oh my shadow,why on the earth 

you run and hide

When the light ensue my way

And hounds my path when its vague

I don’t know why you hate those lights

that strew my paths or

Were you afraid that it might

Swap your course

May be you can’t love anyone more,

You fond both them well

Or Is it that they 

loves you alike !

You always stayed in the shade,

comes and goes unnoticed 

emerges with vast of shapes

that fits at any corner

With you I’m infinite power,

I could be larger as the sky 

and could hide like an

atom in the bay

With you I form different shapes,

an elephant a cat or an amster 

Or a car , a tree or a building

Everything in this world is you

You are my brother ,my sister or 

my perfect man for the sidewalk 

Nor in pain or in vain,you 

Never left me alone

Come with me at the end of infinity 

and may we will seperate there..

Times Spent Alone

​Some beautiful moments are born at times spent alone.This place always has something to speak and i often visit here to hear them.Since today i couldn’t understand them completely.Times spent here always are worth remembering.The feeling of reconnection embrace me here.The suffering is no longer remembered and the tensions are erased.When the wind blows the memories flows like a river into me.I sit in the bottom of a tree and flow with my memories.The place really takes me long back to the time.Every evening i comes here,sometimes walk along the field or sit below a tree.This is always one of the best place that i spent my time.

Withered Bud

” In the darkest night through, 

lonely road 

With Scooby in her hand

walks a lonely tired bud

in the midst of the night 

Twinkling eyes in the dark

Like a firm plant of bud

entered with a wildest thought

as a shadow on the bud

smoothly came hurricane

wildest of the wildest dream

blooming petal in the dark

shaken like a sinking ship,

little scream lost in dark

Twinkling eyes came out late,

with a satisfaction in the eyes ”